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Empower Students.

Create Possibilities.

Providing Unique Learning Solutions in a home-based environment for neurodiverse people in Mississauga

Welcome to Gift and Grace Learning Solutions. We are committed to providing all students (including ADHD, Gifted, ASD, and Dyslexia) with an outstanding education that promotes choice, independence, and community integration. Learn more about our programs and what sets us apart by exploring our website.

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Our Vision

We believe the potential of people is immense.  Whenever we encounter difficulties, we can always find ways to overcome those learning disabilities.  Our vision is to enhance your strengths and capabilities to confront difficulties and provide possible solutions to break through your learning barriers.  We work to utilize your gifted talents to experience grace in life and make your life a meaningful one.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide possible solutions for our clients who want to enhance their learning and thinking skills by discovering their strengths and potential.

Let's work together!

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"We help them address their learning disabilities and mediate them to develop new coping skills with self-motivation."

Gift and Grace Learning Solutions

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Ruperts Gate Drive, Mississauga, Ontario

(289) 210-4670

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