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Thank you to everyone who has provided encouragement and support. We hope your story will become one of the following testimonials of your success. Join us right now!

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My daughter did not comprehend the contents of her readings. The GnG program assisted her in enhancing her cognition, regulating her emotions, increasing her confidence, and improving her problem-solving abilities. It also includes establishing the mother-daughter bond unexpectedly. I spent nine months in this program, and life is now much easier for us.

Charmine, 9 years old, reading difficulty issue

Man with Headphones

When I was 16, I was diagnosed with ADHD and have struggled with anger, guilt, and inattention all my life. Thanks to working with GNG for a year, I've learned to manage my ADHD symptoms by being able to forgive myself and others, set healthy boundaries, and develop the discipline to work steadily without burning out from hyperfocus. I am also more able to regulate my emotions quickly and calmly so I can take on life's challenges better.

Matthew, 35 years old, ADHD 

Young Boy

My son, Ted, was diagnosed with moderate ADHD when he was 4.5 years old. When he was reassessed at 7 years old, the diagnosis was confirmed, and a Level 1 high-functioning ASD diagnosis was added.

Ted was getting many complaints from the school about his unstable behaviour and inability to focus. His condition was amplified when he was in a social setting with a lot of visual/auditory stimulation from kids and adults, to the point where he could be uncontrollable.

He started the program at GNG at 6 years old, and now he’s 8. The program has been using many techniques to teach him rules and patterns, helping him understand the reasons for what’s going wrong and what to do about it. All of the strategies had a major positive impact, calming him down and allowing him to complete the regular duties he was struggling with. Ted has also improved specific skills such as writing, speaking, listening, and playing with his younger brother. 

I aim to continue this training with Ted since it will help him unlock greater potential in managing his fast-paced thinking in order to achieve better results later in life.

Ted, 8 years old, ADHD and ASD

Smiling Young Woman

Upon encountering a significant block in my academic career In 2017 I was diagnosed with ADHD. I have struggled with ADHD symptoms since I was roughly 6 years old and I have experienced extensive struggles with anxiety, depression and decreased self-esteem leading to significant difficulties affecting my social emotional life along with my performance in school.

Since I started the GNG program in March of 2022 I have been experiencing significant success and improvement in my ability to stay focused, manage overwhelming emotions, building on my self-esteem, improving organization and time management skills, shifting my thinking patterns and overall mindset as well as overcoming life-long phobias.

I would highly recommend the GNG program to anyone who is ready to recognize their full potential and what they too can be truly capable of.

Mona, 25 years old, ADHD


My name is Bonnie and I am a 23-year-old with ADHD and depression. I've been working with a learning solutions program called 'Gift and Grace' for almost six months now. When I started the program, I was struggling with writer's block, executive function issues, and failing in school. Thanks to the unique methods and patient guidance of this program, I now have better control over my emotions, have learned to overcome my perfectionism, and have improved my relationships with family and friends. Additionally, I now have a better understanding of my emotions and how to manage them to make my life easier. I am very grateful for the program and the positive impact it has had on my life.

Bonnie, 23 years old, ADHD

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